Tuesday, November 25, 2008

G-Dam November 2008

During November 2008 we had some good sessions at the G-dam.

One time we had wind coming from the South. This direction gives a very flat section at the G-dam but the wind is never constant. I had the chance to test the Warp SL61 in combination with the RS6 6.2. At times the wind was very hard up to 7 Bft. At times there was a merely 5 Bft. The SL61 has the volume and control to cope with these conditions.

Me and my Black Machine.

The other guys.

Another day we had a light breeze from SW. Time to test the light wind strength of the Warp SL71 with the RS6 8.4. There was another Black board out there. I can just say I’m very pleased with the speed and acceleration of the SL71 even in 4 Bft.

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