Monday, October 27, 2008

Maidentrip Exocet Warp SL61

Last week Thursday my Exocet Warp SL61 arrived in the shop. The board again has an impeccable finish and feels superlight. The volume is 94liters and this board will handle a 7.2 sail very well. On Sunday a SSW wind was predicted with a force 5-6 Beaufort. I rigged my RS6 6.7 and put a SL7 33 under the SL61. Also this size of the SL range has an extraordinary acceleration and is easy to sail. You feel at home immediately. This gives the confidence to keep searching for more power in the sail. The same reaction was given by a fellow windsurfer who borrowed my set for 15 minutes. Another one who will probably switch to the "Black Machines".

Going upwind.

Half wind.



Although the wind was not very constant I managed to get 60 kmh. This board has a very high speed potential as proven by Roger.

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