Friday, February 26, 2010

More Black stuff

Point- 7 sails. I ordered some AC-1 sails together with C-100+ masts. I first came in contact with Point-7 when I went to Lake Garda in 2008. Then I saw the new sails on Boot 2010 and I was convinced.

Point-7 stands for 0.7 which is the highest score you can get in a windsurfing competition. The sails are originated from Italy and the company was started by Andrea Cucchi. They now also have a testcenter on Fuerteventura were the sails are designed by Peter Munzlinger.
Following this link to see some action on the P-7 site.


  1. Bart bart bart...

    Moving to the dark side. I'll be happy to smoke you with the NP's... ;-)

  2. NP said they would deliver within 3 weeks when I ordered the sails in october. They came in 3 months and by that time they were outdated because they had release the limited version. When I wanted to switch to these they would only be available end may for me but avaible end march in the shops?

  3. Ik had de P-7's van 2007 en 2008..
    Bij deze wens ik je er héél veel vaarplezier mee! Het enige minpunt:
    Je komt niet meer ongezien op het water :-)