Tuesday, December 29, 2009

G-dam 22 November 2009

This was a nice session together with my surf mate Dominique. The wind came from the South. This means off shore wind at the G-dam. This gives nice flat water but because of the trees nearby the wind is not very constant. Best thing is to choose a bigger board in combination with a small sail. I started with the 5.4 on the SL61. This gave good control but not enough power. Since I sold my 6.2 I had to go for the RS6 6.7. Very good combo. Dominique was out on the water with his SL66 in combination with an RS6 5.4 after he broke his mastfood on his Gaastra 6.0. At the end of the session Dominique made some fantastic pictures and I borrowed his SL66 and put the RS6 6.7 on it. Man this is a great combo in high wind for slalom. Good power in the lulls and nice control in the gust. This might be the next board on my wish list.

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