Wednesday, November 4, 2009

New Boom

I replaced my X9 180-230 boom because there were some problems with it. The grip was coming off, the boom head was broken, and the clips were breaking from time to time. A new boom head was quite expensive and I didn’t want to replace the grip myself.
I started looking for a new monocoque carbon boom. I had a look at the new X9, AL360, Maui Sails, Unifiber and Techno Limits.
For a number of reasons I choose the Techno Limits XTR 180 – 240 Boom. It has the new curve, a solid boom head, 28mm grip, wide usable range and also important it was available.
After two sessions, one with 7.8 and one with 6.7 I’m very pleased with the grip and stiffness of the boom. And If you want to know, the new curve is an improvement. It just feels natural.
Highly recommended.

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