Monday, September 14, 2009

North Sails shox XTR

North Sails have done it again.
They already had the PowerXT mast extension on the market for some years now. The PowerXT is an extension with a build-in sail tension mechanism. Now they have come up with a adjustable shock absorber build into this mast extension. The shox XTR.
Shox XTR

They also have the only 3 piece masts on the market. I didn't gave this one much attention before but now I've seen that they sell a top and a base together with 3 different middle pieces. This means you have a range from for instance 430 over 460 to 490 with one set.
3 piece masts

Recently they also invented a boom with an adjustable flex in the boom head. For a long time everybody was thinking the stiffer the faster but in chopping conditions more flex actually gives more control and more control means more speed.
adjustable boom head

They only thing left is the adjustable sail. Let's hope this one will also arrive soon to reduce the gear we have to transport and buy to sail in 12 till 40 knots of wind.

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  1. Hey Bart sorie dat ik jou op deze manier konakteer maar tis iets met surfforum, in mijn postvak uit staan drie berichten voor jou en ze blijven staan.Gaat over RS6 8.4, kan jij me emailen naar om af te spreken.
    grtz Milenko