Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Finally some TOW again

On the 28th of August I went surfing again at Herkingen. When I arrived there the wind was already blowing more then 22 knots average. The wind predictions for that day were 15 to 17 knots. I only brought my big stuff. The smallest sail I had with me was the 6.2. By the time I went on the water the wind was still increasing. I choose to put an Select Caspar Speed 27 fin under my Exocet SL56.
Lancel father and son


On the spot were about 30 people speedsurfing at the same time. The wind angle was not optimal and you had to bear away from the dam into the chop to get a decent topspeed. I say some people crashing with broken carbon masts and carbon booms as a result.
Crash (not me)

I wasn’t feeling that confident and not that fit but I tried to do some runs. I wish I had taken the 5.4 with me to have more control because the wind was already over 30 knots. The 27 cm fin was not creating enough lift and I decided to sail back through the chop to mount the 29 cm fin.
Sailing back I fell a couple of time and hurt my knee. I decided to stop. Not a lot of distance sailed on that day but speed thrill was there for sure.
Topspeed : 68,13 kmh = 36.79 knots
Average 10s : 63,82 kmh = 34.46 knots
New PR on 250m : 65,12 kmh = 35.16 knots

Next season I will replace my RS6 sails with the new RS Slalom MK IV. The current RS Slalom MKIII looks very stable in high wind and has a shorter luff – and boomlength. Some people say the the MKIII is as good as the EvoII sails for speedsurfing.

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