Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Exocet SL78 Promodel

When the new Exocet SL range was introduced you could choose between the 71,66,61 and 56. When we asked Exocet if we could expect some larger SL model the answer was that the WarpS 85 and WarpS76 would be used by the Pro’s as larger slalom boards.

Then suddenly Exocet came up with the SL78 Honeycomb. A fantastic light wind slalom board for sure, but the honeycomb construction also made it very expensive.

A lot of people were asking Exocet on the forum for a SL78 Promodel version. Exocet responded and started building the SL78 in Promodel version at a lower price.

Last weekend I receive my SL78 Promodel. The first thing I did was to weight the board. Without foot straps I measure 7 kg. This is really good and the finish of the board is excellent.

7 kg !!!

SL78, SL61, SL56

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  1. Ha die Bart alles goed al gevaren met die pro 78 , en wat vond je ervan

    gr Hans van der steen