Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Grevelingendam 15th March 2009

The surf season has definitely started.
I went surfing at the "Grevelingendam" yesterday and I wasn’t alone there. There were about 30 surfers on the water. The wind was blowing a 14 to 17 knots and sun was shining the whole day.
When we arrived at 10 am the wind was quite strong so we rigged a 7.2. The moment we got on the water the wind dropped a bit. On the other side of the lake there was still some more wind but we had to go for bigger sails. I put the RS6 8.4 on my Warp SL71. As the day progressed I felt more and more that the sweet spot of the SL71 is 7.8 sail. I'm convinced now. I will order the SL78 to carry my 8.4. I also need the extra volume to carry my 88 kg. No high speeds achieved today but I guess I made 2 people happy after they tested my SL71. When I came home somebody else made me happy. There were some very nice pictures of me on the forum. Thanks Philip.