Wednesday, September 17, 2008

First impression of the Exocet Warp SL56

As I arrived on the spot the wind was blowing 12 to 18 knots. I was disappointed about the conditions but I decided to rig the sail anyhow. I took the RS6 6.7 with minimum downhaul and put a SL7 33 under the board to maximize the chance to get the board planning.
I went out and immediately started planning. Did the wind increase or does this board plane so easy? I also have a Warp SL61 on order and while I was sailing I started to wonder if I really need a SL61 also.
The board has a very light feeling. Compared to the previous Warp’s the feeling is more direct and less soft. Good thing. The acceleration in a gust is instantaneous. As if the light and stiff board does not have any gravity at all.
I immediately felt at home on the board. It gives great confidence. That’s the thing you need to start pushing hard.
And then the first jibe, the board doesn’t lose any speed at all and comes storming out of the jibe. This is really a fantastic feeling. I once had a board (JP XCITE Ride) that was also a fantastic gyber in flat water. A long time ago I had a F2 Axxis which was fantastic in gybing in chop. The Warp SL56 is a combination of both. Very good exit speed and cutting through chop in a gybe.
The Exocet DDSA (double density shock absorbers) are still there and do their job. The foot straps are stiffer and even with the thick surf shoes (ION Ballistic) no problem to get in the straps.
I changed the SL7 33 for a SL7 31. Still enough grip for the RS6 6.7 in these light conditions. The speeds also went up a bit. I think that the SL31 will be my preferred fin for the 6.7 and I will put a SL7 29 for the RS6 6.2. When I get my other boards I will try the following combo’s.
Warp SL71 + RS6 8.4 + RS7 45
Warp SL71 + RS6 7.2 + SL7 39
Warp SL61 + RS6 7.2 + SL7 33
Warp SL61 + RS6 6.7 + SL7 31(33)
Warp SL56 + RS6 6.2 + SL7 29(31)
Warp SL56 + RS6 5.4 + SL7 27(29)

All I have to you now is to wait for some more wind to break my GPS records!


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