Thursday, August 19, 2010


During the months June, July and August I went surfing 2 times. Not a lot of TOW (Time on Water) that is. I often lack the energy to go windsurfing because off my PKD (Polycystic kidney disease).
I was diagnosed to have this disease about 10 years ago. I now have a kidney function less than 10% and I have to take a lot off medication to reduce side effects. Medication such as blood pressure control, hard rhythm control, calium reduction, osteoporosis medication, arthritis medication, veins medication, …

Currently there is no cure for this illness. The only thing that can be done is to get another kidney. There is also a machine that can filter your blood but it is inefficient and it takes 3 half days per week to filter the blood.
There are 2 possibilities to get a new kidney: From a dead donor or from a living donor.

My blood type is O+. That means that are a lot of other people on the waiting list to get a kidney from a dead donor. I would take about 4 years from the moment that you are on the list for transplantation.The other solution is to get a kidney from a living donor. But then you first have to find someone who is willing to donate you one of his/her kidneys and the kidney has to match your blood/tissue.

I got a lot of luck here. My wife wants to donate her kidney and the blood/tissue matches.

Somewhere in the autumn I will get 2 operations. First they are going to remove my 2 kidneys and then about 6 weeks later me and my wife will be lying in 2 different surgeries at the same time. One team will remove one kidney from my wife and put it in me minutes later.

I hope that all this will work fine and I hope that my lovely wife will not suffer too much and will be recovering quickly.

I hope be windsurfing again (at full force) by the summer of 2011.


  1. Good luck with the operations and a good recovery for you both!

  2. Bart, I do not believe praying will be of any use, but I want to give my full mental support.
    Will be thinking of you and your, indeed, lovely wife. Good luck and much strength to both of you and see you soon on the water !
    Tim (the big one)

  3. een zeer mooi gebaar van je echtgenote, is toch niet niks een nier afstaan. Veel succes met de operaties en hoop je terug te zien op het water in 2011
    peter (kocht ooit nog een sonic van je)