Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Session at Brouwersdam (05 april 2008)

A nice session at the Brouwersdam with a NW wind from 12 to 18 knots. Although the weather forecast for today was filled with rain and even snow it turned out to be a sunny day. It was quite chilly but I surfed 54 km on the Starboard Sonic 125.. There was a nice section of flat water behind the dam, unfortunally the wind on that spot was also less strong.
The Neil Pryde RS6 8.4 was powerfull and at the same time light. I used a Select RS7 45 Silver. (nice overview of Select fins on this site) Very pleased with this fin. Enough flex to pump onto the plane and at the same time stiff enough to fully power downwind.
For some time I have been using a seat harness, but now I use a waist harness more and more. I gives me better control and the sailing position is more upright which simplifies the upright position of the sails.
When I was in Gruissan a couple weeks ago I got some very good sail-tuning tips from a pro-windsurfer Ben Vandersteen. He told me to use less downhoal for more power and less outhoal for more shape in the bottom of the sail.

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